Scientists have discovered an “unhappiness molecule” in the human brain

Scientists have discovered the unhappinessmolecule in the human brain, it is believed to be responsible for all feelings of stress and anxiety, the online edition of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”writes. Researchers believe that the protein – called CRF 1 – may be directly linked to depression. The team of British scientists from laboratories Heptares[…]

What percentage of the brain we use?

What percentage of the brain we use “Is it true that only 3 to 5 percent of our brain is used?” The answer is ‘No’. This statement is widespread, even amongpsychology and neurology students. What has led to the suspicion that 95% of normal brain does nothing? Several reasons exist. First, our brain is formed[…]

How colors influence the brain

The red color has the largest wavelength, the chakra at the base of the spineis identified by it. Red gives vitality. If a person is weak, he/she should be surrounded by red flowers, wearing red clothes, eating red berries. However, we should be careful with this color, as it can cause aggression, and for women[…]

Hypnosis – myths and facts

Myths Relaxation is a necessary condition for achieving hypnosis. People do not realize where they are during hypnosis. People do not remember what happened while they were hypnotized. Pendulum is necessary to achieve the hypnotic state. People who react to many hypnotic suggestions are gullible. Hypnosis can lead people to commit immoral acts against their[…]

“Help” – Stress

If the person is stressed he/she is not able to act efficiently. For a day a man goes through many stressful situations. They vary by influence from quite weak which are usually easily forgotten to strong that can draw you out from the balance for long time. The natural reaction of the body against stress[…]

Biofeedback therapy for depression

Depression  signs Depression can affect anyone from any age, regardless of gender and profession.   Depression is characterized most often by loss of interest in life, work, school, family. Вack of appetite appears, as well as decreased sexual desire, the affected person ceases to care about their appearance and personal hygiene. Physical ailments such as headaches,[…]

All diseases are based on nerve problems

Recently, scientists from the University of Wisconsin once again confirmed the old common belief “All diseases are based on nerve problems.” Nowadays most often we speak about “stress”, not about “nerves”. By the means of modern medicine the researchers demonstrate that the health of people who have experienced severe stress in their childhood, is significantly[…]

Children who start to speak earlier, are more prone to alcoholism

Children who before their peers learn to speak and read more often become alcoholics. This is explained by their great thirst for new experiences and sensations, or so it is stated in an article published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research “Experiments with alcohol, as a rule, are a kind of social norm[…]

10 most terrible diseases

To get sick froma cold, flu, cystitis, etc. it is normal, though not very pleasant thing. There is no person who has not been ill. For some people it happens often, others have a healthy immune system and rarely get sick. Unfortunately, some people are sick all their life and from rare and strange diseases that[…]

5 brain killers

Until recently it was thought that brain cells are a finite number and they only decrease during human life. It turned out that although most of neurons appear during childhood, in some brain centers they may be formed into adulthood and even in the later years of life. This process, called neurogenesis, happens in the[…]

Insomnia damages the human brain

One sleepless night affects the brain as a blow to the head. A good night’s sleep is essential for the health of the organism as a whole, but determines also the normal functioning of the brain. Lack of sleep does not allow the brain to clear from all of the toxins and leads to damage,[…]

How to raise your self-esteem

To look good, to feel strong and to have a positive attitude towards yourself, to have the confidence to speak publicly – these are just some of the effects that one can achieve through training sessions with biofeedback, correcting alpha rhythms generated by the brain. Whoever you ask he/she will tell you that everything depends[…]

There is a way for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Biofeedback is an established method for functional disorders treatment. Such disease is the irritable bowel syndrome. With some people, this is constipation and diarrhea, with others. In both cases accompanied by bloating, pain and flatulence. Constipation may alternate with diarrhea. This pattern often found as part of the irritable bowel syndrome. As severe constipation is[…]