Does it happen to you that your mind jumps from one thought to another? Is it hard for you to focus on one matter for more than a few minutes? Do you have a lot of unfinished projects and several semi-developed ideas staying in your head that need to be developed?

The human mind needs weekly exercises to be able to make its focus and concentration stronger. Performing routine daily activities, where you do not have to think a lot makes your brain very lazy. Over the years, the brain begins to lose its tonus and at some point you realize that you can no longer focus attention on a task for a long time, you start forgetting details, etc. If the problem with concentration becomes permanent you should start with biofeedback trainings and audio-visual stimulation of the brain which are both reliable assistant to return good brain condition.

Up to 75 years of age, if you take care of your brain, it will be in perfect condition – quick thinking, excellent concentration, a unique memory. The natural aging of the brain begins after this age. Any complaint about the brain or central nervous system operation is a danger signal about neurological, degenerative, psychiatric or motor disease. Biofeedback trainings and audio-visual stimulation stimulate the brain to create new brain connections and they are conducive to the treatment and prevention of brain diseases. The more links the brain has, the more rapid and concentrated it can be.

Brain trained by the biofeedback method with 19 channels EEG equipment can concentrate for seconds, can ignore everything and anyone, can correct old undesirable habits and easily create new ones, as well as enjoy life vigorously, releasing the stress; such trained brain prevents unpleasant thoughts or memories from the past to ruin the future of the person. Such brain is always effective in the work we do without any stress because it is trained how to control it.