Performance in sports

EEG-Biofeedback medical equipment provides an opportunity to enhance the intellectual and sport results without using any doping.

Which are the sports that EEG-Biofeedback can be used in?

EEG-Biofeedback can be useful in all kinds of sports. It is proven that EEG biofeedback training sessions can calm the mind and improve archery, for example. It can improve concentration and physical balance in gymnastics, figure skating, skiing, ice skating, hockey, skateboarding, snowboarding, ballet, tennis, martial arts, basketball, baseball, and soccer and others. Recent studies show high performance in music and dance with performers trained with EEG biofeedback.

What is the training with the Biofeedback equipment?

An athlete, watching the image of his brain waves on a computer screen is able to influence them and change them following the instructions of the therapist.

Initially, the changes are short-lived, as with every training they are gradually becoming more durable to permanent. Brain function improves.