Hypnosis – myths and facts


  1. Relaxation is a necessary condition for achieving hypnosis.
  2. People do not realize where they are during hypnosis.
  3. People do not remember what happened while they were hypnotized.
  4. Pendulum is necessary to achieve the hypnotic state.
  5. People who react to many hypnotic suggestions are gullible.
  6. Hypnosis can lead people to commit immoral acts against their will.
  7. People cannot lie under hypnosis.
  8. People can remain forever in a state of hypnosis.


  1. People can be hypnotized while doing strenuous exercise.
  2. Under hypnosis people realize where they are and can remember conversations in details heard under hypnosis.
  3. People do not remember if they expect not to remember.
  4. Modern hypnotists do not use pendulum.
  5. People who respond to many of hypnotic suggestions are not more naive than those responding to a few suggestions.
  6. There is no evidence that under hypnosis people can be forced to act immorally against their will.
  7. Studies show that many people can lie while under hypnosis.
  8. People can exit from the state of hypnosis even if the hypnotist is gone.