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Neuromodulation at Healthix Centre

A revolutionary method for monitoring and controlling brain function in real time


Diagnosis of brain activity is performed with an electroencephalograph with 21 channels and a dry wireless cap. EEG-feedback is an evaluation that tracks brain activity with the aim of detecting abnormalities of the nervous system. Neurological, mental and psychological problems such as sleep, concentration, memory, emotions, learning, behaviour, depression, stress, anxiety, epilepsy, etc. can be established during the evaluation.


1. VIP Neurotherapy is performed with a 21 channels electroencephalograph (EEG) and a dry wireless cap. The signal received from the EEG, through the electrodes on a person’s scalp is digitized with hardware, undergoes real-time spectral analysis (qEEG) and is visualized on the therapist’s computer screen. The person is shown some of the parameters of qEEG in the form of a multimedia game. His task is to voluntarily change these parameters in the desired direction in an attempt to achieve the optimal mode of brain activity, all while watching the monitor without an interface. Used for prevention, treatment and personal development, by achieving conscious control over some otherwise autonomous somatic functions. 2. BASIC neurotherapy is performed with 2 electrodes glued to the head with a paste. It gives a much less detailed picture of the brain but is still used for brain-wave evaluation.


Bio-resonance is an alternative method to diagnosis with high efficiency, which helps detect diseases and disorders in the human body. It provides information about the health state of the organism in the current moment and determines the treatment to go accordingly with the needs of the individual. Its advantages over regular laboratory testing are that the method is non-invasive, painless and less time-consuming. Bio-resonance diagnostics is based on research in quantum physics and frequencies, which show that damaged cells or organs emit altered electromagnetic waves due to DNA level damage.


There are 3 types of therapy equipment: Two types of clinical equipment in the centre and 1 type for at home use. The frequency-resonance equipment our centre uses is the only one in Bulgaria to be certified as medical grade and can be used for: • Pathogens (infections, viruses and parasites) • Nutritional deficiencies (vitamins and minerals) • Sensitivity (eg chemical toxicity, allergens.) • Acute and chronic diseases • Toxic metals • Psycho-emotional states • Cardiovascular system • Pulmonary system • Digestive system • Genitourinary system • Endocrine system • Immune system • Bone system • Nervous system


The neuromodulation applied in Healthix using high-tech equipment of the latest generation is:
Painless, Non-toxic, Completely safe, Hopeful, Effective

Migraine Stress and Tension Post-stroke disorders Epilepsy Depression Sleep problems Anxiety disorders - fears and paranoia ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder) Bruxism Dyslexia Dysarthria Dysgraphia Stammer Hyperhidrosis Post-traumatic stress disorder Chronic fatigue syndrome Postoperative recovery and muscle tone Chronic pain Phantom limb pain Fibromyalgia Scoliosis Multiple sclerosis Nocturnal enuresis Psychoimmunologic disorder Hypertensive disease Raynaud's disease (cold limbs) Bronchial asthma Ulcer Irritable Bowel Syndrome Rheumatoid arthritis Premenstrual syndrome, menopause Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence) Diabetes Type I and II Thyrotoxicosis Alcoholism Smoking Preparing pregnant women for childbirth Postpartum depression Dementia Aggression Tics Brain injuries Tumors Anorexia and Bulimia Schizophrenia Parkinson's disease Autism Asperger's Syndrome Psychiatric disorders Motor disorders Neurological diseases Degenerative diseases

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Нели Паева

Изпълнителен директор
Специалист в следните направления: 1. EEГ-Невротерапия и диагностика; 2. Биофийдбек терапия; 3. QEEG LORETA; 4. Аудио-Визуална стимулация; 5. Кранио-електростимулация; 6. Транскраниална-електро стимулация; 7. Честотно-резонансна диагнотика и терапия; 8. Психологично консултиране; 9. Психотерапия;
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Таня Вълкарова

Специалист в следните направления: 1. Невротерапия; 2.Биофийдбек терапия, 3.Аудио-визуална стимулация, 4.Кранио-електростимулация, 5.Транскраниална-електростимулация, 6.ЕЕГ-Невротерапия; 7. Честотно резонансна терапия;
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Надежда Юлзари

Детско-юношески психолог
Детско-юношеска психология; Медицина;
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д-р Росица Александрова




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