How to raise your self-esteem

To look good, to feel strong and to have a positive attitude towards yourself, to have the confidence to speak publicly – these are just some of the effects that one can achieve through training sessions with biofeedback, correcting alpha rhythms generated by the brain.

Whoever you ask he/she will tell you that everything depends on the confidence. Nowadays we, the humans are forced to look beautiful, to be intelligent and capable in every respect. Self-esteem is a complex. It is not something a person has or has not, nor this is something one was born with. One person may have high self-esteem in one area and less in another. If there is a balance this is pretty good, but what do those people who have low self-esteem in general? Soon or later they collapse psychologically and have to a treatment.

Methods that can be used include medication therapies, psychologist sessions, biofeedback trainings and audio-visual stimulation. The good news is that biofeedback trainings may help to learn how to control your emotional state, increasing confidence by correcting the generated by the brain waves responsible for the nervous system condition. The final result is increase of self-esteem, confidence and a better life.

People with higher self-esteem enjoy better love lives, they feel more secure with their selves and also with people they live together with. Unlike them, people with low self-esteem, often sacrifice their own values, turning them into a compromise trying to gain the partner’s acceptance and the acceptance by the surrounding people. To look good, you feel strong and to have a positive attitude towards yourself, to have the confidence to speak publicly – these are just some of the effects that can be achieved through biofeedback trainings or audio-visual stimulation, correcting alpha rhythms generated by the brain.

This is what successful people do:

  • They do not think of their selves as “failure”. Anyone can make a mistake and everyone makes mistakes.
  • Every day such people go out of their comfort zone. They go against fear. They know they have nothing to lose.

–   These people complete each started task. This supports the self-esteem and their confidence, these people feel proud and build self-esteem.

–    They are not lazy. They invest energy and willingness in everything they do and this makes them the best!

  • They congratulate their selves after each successful task. Make gifts to their selves. Self-esteem is the most important component for the state of confidence.
  • They accept the compliments with a smile and dignity, and the criticism and negative emotions are accepted by them as a corrective, not an insult.

There is no benchmark – too low and too high self-esteem are both compensatory function and they take away us from reality. In both cases they appear as a result from internal frustration, only our behavior is what makes the difference in other people eyes from “outside”. Both options are unacceptable, arrogance is annoying and low self-esteem causes people to pass by without noticing us.