COVID-19 can kill you even after recovery, 50% of patients develop Post-Covid syndrome

Post-COVID Syndrome – This is what scientists call the symptoms that remain or appear for the first time months after the disease. Sometimes they are so severe that they require hospitalization.

No matter how old you are, how fit you are, or whether you don’t have any accompanying diseases, the virus can kill you months after you’ve healed because of the so-called Post-Covid syndrome.

At Healthix Center, we encounter cases of Post-Covid syndrome on a daily basis. Symptoms may appear up to 6 months after Covid-19 illness. They can vary over time, disappear and reappear, as well as change in intensity. This necessitated the development of a new strategy to address the problem. Our specialists have developed a program that includes diagnosis and therapy. The focus of the program is not just on the symptoms, but on the problem itself. After its removal, the symptoms will disappear.

The list of symptoms of the post-covid syndrome is unfortunately quite long:

Shortness of breath and cough; Chronic fatigue; Sleep disorders, Heart and blood vessel problems; Problems with brain function; Impaired concentration and attention; Depression; Anxiety; Retrograde amnesia; Kidney problems; Temperature up to 37.9˚C, chills, frequent sneezing, mild sore throat that appears and disappears on its own, muscle and joint pain, headache with dull or sharp, stabbing pain in various parts of the head, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, red spots on legs, ear pain, chest tightness, back pain between the shoulder blades, palpitations at rest, burning sensation in the trachea, hot flushes, rashes, eye problems, cognitive problems (memory, concentration, and attention, information analysis, planning consistent actions, decision-making, speech problems – speech fluency disorders, dementia), fear, post-traumatic stress, paralysis, encephalitis, seizures, significant mood swings.

These symptoms can be observed no matter how mild or severe was the disease on your body and organism.

You may be cured of the COVID-19 virus, but that doesn’t mean you’re healthy. Many of the affected people have no idea that they are suffering from the post-COVID syndrome.

“I don’t know what’s happening to me,” shares a middle-aged lady anxiously as she came to the HEALTHIX therapy center. – “I no longer want to engage in housework. I don’t know how to do it, as if I can’t decide how to arrange it. I feel terribly tired. I just want to go home and go to bed. I can’t make sense of things. I’ve always loved housework, I really want it to be clean and tidy, I pay attention to detail, but now it’s not like that. It’s been a mess for a while and I can’t put it in order, I’m not lazy, I just don’t know-how. M.M. 52 y.o.

“I have chest pains; they appear and disappear for no reason. I also found that I was losing words or saying one word instead of another. I feel stupid in such situations, I’m still a young person.” G.I. 33 y.o.

  The services offered at HEALTHIX are mainly focused on Electroencephalograph (EEG) evaluations and brain therapy (stimulation of the brain with equipment). One of the other methods that is also used in the center is frequency-resonance. The number of people with psychiatric and brain disorders who visit the center is increasing.

Studies show that Covid affects the brain. In one study by J. P Rogers (2021) one-third of more than 230,000 American patients have been diagnosed with neurological or mental disorders within six months of being infected with the virus. The most common conditions found in Covid are depression and anxiety, the study found, and although problems such as dementia and stroke are less common, they remain significant in those who have been hospitalized with the virus. Of the 236,000 cases followed, 34% were positively diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric disorder within six months of being diagnosed with Covid. A total of 13% of them were diagnosed for the first time. For those who were hospitalized with Covid, the figure is much higher: 46%, of whom 26% were diagnosed for the first time. Affective disorders, which affect 14%, and anxiety disorders, which affect 17%, are the most common of them. A total of 7% of those hospitalized by Covid had a stroke within 6 months. Post-Covid outpatient clinics are already operating in Germany, where doctors examine patients with such symptoms.

Post-Covid syndrome disrupts the normal way of life.

Many people feel emotional discomfort, hopelessness, physical discomfort, exhaustion, restlessness. Ignorance of how to deal with this new condition often leads to alcohol and drug abuse.

How do we deal with the post-Covid syndrome at Healthix?

It is desirable to accurately assess the condition of people with residual symptoms, functional and structural disorders after Covid with frequency-resonance evaluations, which will give a quick look at all systems in the body. With people whose symptoms have not yet subsided, a therapy program is applied, and there is a possibility of at-home therapy as well (with our equipment for home use), under the supervision of therapists in the center.

In more severe cases with residual symptoms, it may be necessary to consult various specialists, as well as psychiatric / psychotherapeutic treatment, given that fear and depressive disorders are more common in patients after a more severe course of the disease.

At Healthix Center we use high-tech equipment for diagnostics and therapy of systems in the human body, using a multi-channel electroencephalograph (EEG) of the latest generation, various equipment for brain wave stimulation, and frequency resonance equipment.

Our experience with Covid shows that if the initial symptoms of the virus are immediately suppressed with frequency resonance therapy twice a day, the disease usually passes smoothly and without complications.

In cases of pneumonia, the same type of therapy is used with a focus on pneumonia, inflammation, and oxygen uptake. At the same time, there are programs for detoxification and destruction of the virus itself.

It is very important that after recovery, the resonance therapy is continued for at least another two to three weeks in order to prevent post-covid syndrome.

In cases of post-covid syndrome that have occurred in people treated with medication or with no medication/therapy at all, the symptoms that have given rise to the diagnosis can be treated as well as the systems of the human body that have showed deviations during the diagnostic evaluation. As they are clearly the cause of the illness months after the first symptoms of the disease.

At Healthix, two types of evaluations can be performed to detect lesions after Covid. A 21-channel QEEG LORETA electroencephalograph and a frequency resonance device. With QEEG LORETA electroencephalograph the condition of the nervous system and possible lesions on it can be determined.

With the frequency resonance equipment, the deficiencies in the other systems of the organism can be established, such as the cardiovascular system, the pulmonary system, the endocrine system, etc. and then prescribe appropriate therapy without side effects.

For people who have been on medication, especially those on corticosteroid therapy, we offer resonance therapy to cleanse the body of drug toxicity and amplify the beneficial effects.

Post-Covid syndrome can be avoided or controlled relatively quickly by prescribing the appropriate therapy with the equipment in the center, after examination by a therapist.

In order for the therapy to be effective, it is obligatory for the complex of therapies to be prepared by a therapist according to your needs and symptoms. Due to the safety of the therapy, some people approach it irresponsibly by prescribing therapy to themselves without having the necessary qualifications and knowledge, and therefore the therapy is not effective.

To prepare the right therapy, the therapist approaches each case individually and creates the most effective combination of frequencies that make the therapies purposeful and the patient recovers without complications.

Frequency resonance therapy is the most natural method for treating Covid-19 and post-Covid syndrome. The organism, with a little help from the frequency-resonance apparatus, heals and balances itself. The creator of this therapy is Raymond Rife, who developed the method in 1920. It is a non-invasive method for treatment, emitting electromagnetic oscillations and vibrations in order to improve the functioning of various organs and systems. The treatment is performed with devices that generate waves of different frequencies, shapes, and amplitude. Many health problems can be treated with one device, provided that the therapy is prescribed by a specialist familiar with your health condition.


 In order to destroy the Coronavirus, the exact vibration frequency of the virus is required. In general, the frequencies programmed in the therapy devices only affect where there is a problem and do not affect other areas. You can protect yourself from infection by using the SMART frequency-resonance device for home use and the non-contact electrodes (induction necklace or electrode in the shape of a small cushion). You can carry it everywhere with you while the device creates a protective shield around you, an electromagnetic field, absolutely harmless to the human body. The device also strengthens the body’s defense systems.

At Healthix we observe how when the systems in the body are chronically overloaded, it stops proper functioning, symptoms appear, the immunity weakens and finally, the person gets sick. Symptoms are a lightbulb that signals when something is wrong, that the body wants some change. People often ignore this moment and wait for it to pass by itself. Covid creates even more chaos in the body and the body’s defense system does not know which problem to deal with first.

By diagnosing the affected systems, we can influence each of them, knowing its genetic frequency. At Healthix we have a total of 3775 frequencies and we expect in the near future another 1000 new ones for problems of various nature from our partnering laboratory in Kiev, Ukraine. When the balance is disturbed, the body begins to suffer and chronic diseases form.


References from our clients:

“I want to share about the horrors I experienced recently – I thought I was having a heart attack. The virus passed relatively easily, I was on my feet and in shape during all the time I was sick. Somewhere on the 9th day I felt unwell and wanted to go to bed, but I did not have this opportunity and after a few hours it passed. I had all the symptoms for Covid, despite the negative PCR, but they didn’t give me any problems or complications at first. My illness lasted for about 15 days. The tightness in my chest remained, somehow, I still didn’t pay attention to it, until the moment when 5 months after I was sick and a dull constant pain in the heart area appeared. Maybe a week later it was accompanied by sharp, at times piercing pain. I was very scared, it was 6 pm, I was wondering if I should go to the emergency room. What stopped me from going was the extra risk of meeting people who might be infected. So, I called the Healthix Center, from where they responded very quickly, sent me a complex of therapies to regulate heart rate and pain, and advised me to consult a cardiologist the next day. I transferred the sent therapy complexes to the Smart device for home use (I took it from the center due to a hearing problem earlier) and immediately started therapy. After 30 minutes or so, perhaps the dull constant pain began to subside, and the piercing pain that appeared from time to time subsided. I calmed down a bit and fell asleep. I was with the device during the whole night while the therapy was taking place. In the morning, the dull pain was gone, as was the tightness in my chest that had plagued me since I became ill. I was in no pain all day. Somewhere towards the end of the day, the dull pain reappeared, and the sharp one pierced me only twice. Healthix diagnosed me and supplemented my therapy. My pain disappeared completely by the third day. I continued for another week with the therapy, we repeated the diagnosis, which already showed very good results, unlike the first one. I also went to a cardiologist, who also confirmed the good results. At Healthix, I was assigned to do a detox program once a week with Smart Frequency Resonance Equipment at home. With great gratitude to the Healthix team.” E. D. 41 y.o.


“At the beginning of November, I felt bad, I had severe eye pain and a headache, and two days later I had chest pain and difficulty breathing, I did a test for Covid and it turned out to be positive. After another two or three days, I experienced a loss of taste and smell, general weakness, muscle and joint pain, cough, and terrible fatigue. My condition was rapidly deteriorating, and I developed abdominal pain, loss of appetite, and aversion to food. My husband also had a positive test and the same symptoms. We consulted a pulmonologist and then contacted the Healthix Center. It was necessary to give quite detailed information about our condition. The next day we received the programmed therapy equipment. After a few days, I felt much better, first I regained my sense of smell and taste for food, gradually began to reduce pain all over my body and shortness of breath, which I was most afraid of.

My husband was also getting better. After the 14-day quarantine period, we were fine and returned to work. The center gave us new therapy complexes and we continued with the therapy for maybe another 2 weeks and a couple of days, working for detoxification and complete recovery of the body, the headache that appeared from time to time, and fatigue. We are now in excellent condition and have no complaints. Thank you for your care and support.” 36 / I.V 46 y.o


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