How colors influence the brain

The red color has the largest wavelength, the chakra at the base of the spineis identified by it. Red gives vitality. If a person is weak, he/she should be surrounded by red flowers, wearing red clothes, eating red berries. However, we should be careful with this color, as it can cause aggression, and for women – more profuse bleeding.

The orange color is healing, creative, brings warmth and tranquility. In winter subconsciously we prefer to buy oranges because they remind us of the sun. Orange is the second chakra, which is below the navel. We should be careful with this color as well, it might cause selfish behavior, make us feel as the center of the world.

The yellow is the color of wisdom. It has a strong tonic effect on intellect, makes the mind active. To have a good effect, the yellow should have shine. If with transparent effect it brings peace. This color has very good effect on the stomach and enhances bowelperistalsis. Yellow is the third chakra, which is at the solar plexus.

The green color is associated with the heart, with the heart chakra. Green has soothing, equilibrating and harmonizing effect on people. It is extremely useful for tired eyes. The clearest and the most healing green color we see in spring. Emerald green is healing.

The clear blue, the sky blue strengthens faith and optimism. Faith may be in own strengths as well as in spiritual matters. This color brings serenity and peace. It is positioned at the mouth chakra.

Dark blue and violet make the person determined and with fortitude. These two colors have a strong cleansing effect. Violet is not recommended for people who have a tendency for depression because it may be deepened. Dark blue-violet turns a person inward to deeper and more global thinking. Too much of these colors can make a person tyrannical. They answer to the sixth chakra, which is between the eyebrows, at the base of the nose.

The seventh chakra which is at the top of the head is white and isassociated with a diamond. White combined with pink means optimism, joy and love.

The pink color is the color of love. It also heals emotional trauma, it has a direct effect on the heart chakra.

Graphite gray gives hardness and depth of thought. Dove gray invites us to meditation and soars us.

The brown color is grounding. If it is grey-brown it leads to practical thinking, to perseverance and patience. Golden brown is associated with growth and fruitful influence of the sun on earth.