Scientists have discovered an “unhappiness molecule” in the human brain

Scientists have discovered the unhappinessmolecule in the human brain, it is believed to be responsible for all feelings of stress and anxiety, the online edition of the British newspaper “Daily Mail”writes.

Researchers believe that the protein – called CRF 1 – may be directly linked to depression.

The team of British scientists from laboratories Heptares Therapeutics have used the most powerful X-ray machines in the world to study the hypophysisin the brain.

Science has known for years that exactlyhypophysis controls feelings of stress, depression and anxiety, through release of stress substances.

Now, scientists have found that the reaction is caused by CRF 1 – which is located in the outer membrane of pituitary cells.

CRF 1 is located in the pituitary cells and reacts to stress molecules detected by the hypothalamus – the part of the brain that produces hormones that control body temperature, feeling of hunger, mood and more.

The discovery of the structure and function of this protein can clear the way to new drugs that allow the completion of the control over it.