About Us


At HEALTHIX we take care of your health and personal development, using the best practices and equipment for neuromodulation. Therapeutic methods in the centre allow a person to learn to consciously influence their physiological processes in order to improve their health and performance. As a result, the body and brain memorize how to regulate the disorders and prevent their manifestation. We work with healthy people who are looking for personal development and growth, as well as with people with health problems. The centre is equipped with the unique technological advancement – wireless electroencephalogram, which is the only one in Bulgaria. The methods of therapy for children and adults are the result of many years of work of the Healthix team. We strive to offer our clients the most successful methods in the world by constantly developing new programs for prevention and treatment of problems of various nature – psychology, psychiatry, neurology and more. Each client receives an individually tailored experience and a team of specialists takes care of achieving their goals. We know that everyone can easily achieve what they want with the right approach. That is why your success is our mission!

There are 6 therapy & consultation rooms, one of which is furnished for the needs and comfort of children and adolescents.

The centre is supported by our team of biofeedback therapists, neurotherapists, speech therapists, counselling psychologists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, child psychologists, neurologists. The work of therapists can be carried out in combination with neuromodulatory equipment.

The medical equipment used in the centre is modern and of highest grade.

For the purposes of evaluations, medical equipment is used – 21 channels QEEG LORETA electroencephalograph (EEG) connected to a wireless cap and a bio-resonance machine connected with electrodes to the fore-head, hands and feet.

For the purposes of the trainings, we use the 21 channel EEG, 2 channel EEG, equipment for audio-visual stimulation, cranio-electrical stimulation, trans-cranial electro-stimulation, MiniBoard – Biofeedback and FlexxiCore system, Frequency-resonance equipment provided in the centre and for therapy at home.

The environment in which the trainings are held in is extremely important for achieving the best possible results. That is why we have tried to make the offices pleasant and cozy, with background sound, to provide visitors with a calm and relaxing atmosphere, separating them from the stressful environment outside.

Please keep in mind that the centre does not work with a health insurance fund!

The price list consists of packages with different combinations of equipment for use and the number of trainings, according to the client’s needs. Depending on the size of the package, discounts from 10% to 20% of the price are used. The number of trainings and the choice of equipment is strictly individual for each person. There is a possibility for payment by card –VISA, VISA ELECTRON, V PAY, BORICA, MasterCard, Maestro, RaiCARD 

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