Excellent results when studying

EEG-Biofeedback training sessions are a great way to improve success in school or university.

How does the training for learning improvement take place?

The first thing on which you have to work is motivation. Motivation is a leading factor in achieving excellence in learning. Motivation is the one that encourages students to seek, request, transform and use their knowledge. Motivation trainings with EEG-Biofeedback are used for this purpose.

The next step is to pass a training for concentration and lack of attention. The specialists have to work with theta waves when dealing with children, and beta 2 waves in case of adults.

The trainings with EEG-Biofeedback are extremely interesting for children as throughout training they play a computer game managed only by theirs brains through electrodes attached to the head.

What are the benefits of training for improved learning by the equipment with EEG biofeedback?

The results are visible very quickly when the person is willing to change the model of the brain operation. As a result, people become concentrated in their work with a desire for learning and development. Calmer behavior without outbursts of aggression or excitability.