Biofeedback therapy for depression

Depression  signs

Depression can affect anyone from any age, regardless of gender and profession.   Depression is characterized most often by loss of interest in life, work, school, family. Вack of appetite appears, as well as decreased sexual desire, the affected person ceases to care about their appearance and personal hygiene. Physical ailments such as headaches, backaches, stomach problems, chest tightness, dizziness, visual disturbances may occur. Many people experiencing depression cannot cope without professional help. Please keep in mind that teenagers do not need to be in such deep depression as adults to think about suicide.

 How to treat depression?

Many people do not realize how serious the problem is the deep depression. In fact, approximately one in six people suffering from this disease ends with suicide. Antidepressants are recommended more rarely than before. Today, using techniques such as biofeedback therapy where the therapist has the task to teach the person with depression how to deal with stress and situations that can cause depression. Man must learn also to recognize and change negative thoughts through conscious control of his/her brain. Biofeedback therapy gives extremely positive effect when combined with audio-visual brain stimulation twice a week.