“Help” – Stress

If the person is stressed he/she is not able to act efficiently.

For a day a man goes through many stressful situations. They vary by influence from quite weak which are usually easily forgotten to strong that can draw you out from the balance for long time. The natural reaction of the body against stress is tensing some or other muscle groups.  Tension has become our habit to such an extent, so that we just do not notice it. For example, now, as you read these lines, you tense up individual facial muscles.

But as soon as you pay attention to this fact, these muscles immediately relax. In a few minutes you will forget about your face and it will again freeze with a mask reflecting your emotional state. According to a wrong stereotype we can get rid of stress through relaxation. Actually when you try to fight stress through relaxation, you are fighting with the consequence, not with the reason. The reason for physical tension is mental stress. State of depression, anxiety, irritation or fear causes spasmodic tensing of muscles. Of course, their conscious relaxation will give a temporary effect of easing. But the psychological pressure will again return things. To eliminate the mental stress it is necessary to learn to control the mind.

In case you have a complicated situation it is enough to remember what you have learned during lessons from the Biofeedback trainings how to control the mind and deal with the situation without accumulating stress.