Biofeedback trainings regain good memory

Memory is the brain’s ability to hold for short or long periods information formed as a result of perception of objects and events in the environment following the termination of their action. Memory is built on the basis of three main processes – remembering, storing and reproduction of incoming information. There are two types of memory: short-term and long-term memory.

So called photographic memory also exists and allows people to remember everything that happened in their lives to the last detail.

Sleep is extremely important for improving memory and concentration, because during sleep the brain processes and stores knowledge. The night sleep is sufficient to achieve this effect. Results of the study of American scientists from the University of Michigan showed that even walks in chilly winter days also improves memory and concentration.

One hour only is needed to increase five times the capacity of the brain. However, walking along busy streets has no positive effect on it. A research on humans found that laughter reduces age-related memory loss. Laughter causes the body to secrete more endorphins and dopamine in the brain, these make us feel good and improves memory by increasing the frequency of gamma waves. Long lasting stress and excessive obesity cause separation of the so-called “stress hormones” (glucocorticoids).

Prolonged exposure of the cells to the glucocorticoids’ damages and destroys neurons in the parts of brain critical to retention. A really good way to get rid of glucocorticoids’ excess is through physical exercise. For those who experience high levels of stress fitness is mandatory.

An excellent way to quickly and permanently restore memory and concentration are the trainings with biofeedback. Thanks to them, one can fairly quickly back to his/her younger years of life when everything was memorable with ease.