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Very often for biofeedback trainings and audio-visual stimulations I am visited by people that share with me their fear, when they have to stand up and speak in front of many people. Even managers of large companies with many customers and staff block when all the eyes in the silent hall are fixed on them, their voice starts to tremble and they forget part of the intended speech. It turns out that the public presentation is not pleasant for everyone.

Stage fright is a result of some kind of deficiency in the brain caused by stress or psychological trauma.

Stage fright can be expressed in one, two or more of the following qualities – uncertainty towards others, uncertainty in own abilities, fear, timidity, insufficient preparation, incompetence, shame, low self-esteem, etc.

Below we can see what are the main concerns shared by people, suffering from stage fright, found during a psychological study:

It is forthcoming for you to speak at a conference; you are planning to give an interview or lead a presentation. What thoughts go through your head?

“… All the time I think I will fail. What if I forget what I have to say? “.” I will ridicule myself and will become a laughing stock”. “I wish I were like my colleagues and I wouldn’t worry so much.”

 You are somewhere with a large company and finally you dare to say something because hubbub around gives you courage, but suddenly all people shut up and look at you. What do you think?

“My first thought would be that I am observed and probably the people around do not think anything good about me.”

 How many times you have been somewhere and you wanted to take part in the discussions, but you were ashamed to speak not to attract the attention to yourself?

“A lot of times, but usually I decide it is better to keep silent because others are not interested in my opinion.”

 You are at a place where people dance, and you love to dance, but nobody is dancing yet. Will you be the first at the dancing floor to make others follow you?

“… Oh no! No way! Everybody will start talking about me.”

You will be giving a concert! “It’s great,” – everybody says, but you’re not enthusiastic. Why?

“Because I am afraid of failure. I wish I could stay calm and not have a trembling voice while singing” or “… I will speed up the pace of performance in order to finish playing before my hands start shaking and I cannot hit the keys. “

You will present an open class or you will have an exam. What happens to you?

“I panic, of course! How will I speak in front of everybody, what if I forget something or if I say something stupid,” “I will seek a way to present myself in writing.”

All these suffering brings only tension and stress. There is no way that someone with such concerns to enjoy real life.

Even if one manages to do well, after that he feels only relief that everything has passed and he cannot feel joy and happiness that he has managed well because the nervous system is so affected by tension that there are no other forces left.

Biofeedback trainings and audio-visual stimulation will bring the brainwaves to the norm together with this man will acquire confidence, self-esteem, he will overcome the fear of failure, the fact what others think of him will not play a leading role in his life.

Depending on the plasticity of the brain about ten training sessions are required to overcome stage fright, and together with this many other problems could be corrected.

Neli Paeva